Typography Design in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Today 2017-jan-28 Saturday.
I always love to design things whether it is a simple text or a full character design. Almost all my day elapsed by sketching design of texts, logos and of course my favorite sleeping . Today i created a simple but fancy looking text design which doesn't have a meaning because i have choose a random words to make it beautiful. I have follow simple workflow to create this, first
  • I have draw it in raw paper(drawing paper). Graphic design industry call this process " A Concept Art" .
  • After completing drawing i have imported it in illustrator by capturing picture of it by smartphone.
  • Then i started tracing it in illustrator.
  • And finally garnishing it by using different colors and styles in Photoshop.
Below I have included all the images from sketch to final rendered output.
Concept_design_by Niraj
Final render output ny niraj

Conclusion: You guys can also create a beautiful design by applying above workflow.  Although this design has lot's to work on there are some mistakes that i can still work  to refine it. Any way i am also a beginner and still learning it's OK to make mistakes. As we all know making mistakes means learning more.Feel free to try it out and do experiments.Thank you...


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