What I am going to do in next 6 month

I really love doing designs. Until today i have just design things whatever came into my mind sometime it looks nicer sometime super weird. Playing around with those designing application make something difference to me. I am now little bit better than yesterday.So , I came up with idea about why not do something productive design? Which is perfect but simple. It means i have decided to create a android application for the Nursery children. Which helps to teach alphabets in effective and fun way. You guys are probably thinking it is super SIMPLE!!! everybody can do this. I agree with this there are quite talented fellows out there who can create this application just in a day. But only creating application which works fine doesn't going to work. I mean we have to think how to make this application real simple and easily understandable to children's. If it doesn't looks good then they are not going to use this. In the next 6 month i am going to do this and create wonderful working application for android. First two month i am going to design prototype, wire-framing, Color choosing, logo design in designing application plus animation in after effects i.e making animation of how it actually looks like when interacting with application. And remaining four month i am going to do coding in Android Studio.I have started working from today and experimenting on design about how to preview alphabets on the screen. This first phase is experimenting by doing bunch of different sketches in drawing copy. Below is my first experiment version 1 layouting screen design one in photoshop (WORK IS IN PROGRESS).

Guys Please do suggest some ideas!!! in comment it will be really helpful to me. Thank you for reading this article.


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